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This is a page with shared Ideas from all over the agency. We will put up our Ideas on how to work smarter. Ask producers, writers, art directors, account supervisors...everyone ... 

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"What a way to help Allstate"
When Allstate needed help with a corporate video introducing "The Allstate Experience",
They were able to use the studio to record and edit a very effective local Narration Voice Actor piece that the client loved. 
Lena Woo

Client Service
TV Production "The guys have never let me down. Working downstairs is fast and cheap. From presentations to MP3 conversions to finished radio, the audio department's a great alternative."

Chris Rossiter 

"Talk About Saving Your Butt!!
Whenever I've needed help, the answer is always yes, come on down. Anytime no matter what. The Audio Dept at Leo Burnett has everything you need for your commercials. Come on down and try it out. Maybe you'll get a chance to start your voice over career." 
Ed Bono

  Creative "BURN me a CD.
I'm tired of trying to present my boards in a CRC or client presentation with two boxes of cassettes that are impossible to cue and re-cue. It's great putting all of my spots on one CD. Thank You audio Guys.
Rory Monaghan

......Remember you can bloody well save cash on FINISH and improve on quality.
Jonathan Davis

TV Production


"I use these guys all the time to put together tracks for meetings. Whether it's a music edit, or some scratch VO work, it's a huge help. Plus Larry does a great Orson Wells."
Steve Simoncic


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